Welcome to Dot Net Pro

Dot Net Pro is a professional .NET consultancy and software development house, based in and around London, UK. We specialise in bespoke automation of developer-oriented systems, where we typically analyse development and release processes, and strive to create tools to help automate these systems.

Why automate?

We strongly believe in automating a lot of the development and deployment systems, simply because when it comes to repetitive tasks, it is better for a computer to do this, than a human. This allows the developer to actually spend their time writing the software for clients, as opposed to worrying about what the quickest way is to backup an SQL database, or what potential exceptions might be happening on a live or test system.

We dog food test all of our applications across all of our and our partner projects, so the applications you get aren’t simply what’s floating around in a Manager’s head, but from actual feedback and instruction from developers, who use these tools, day in, day out, as part of their daily lives.